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Meet Dr. Pirkle

Board-certified internal medicine specialist Ross Pirkle, MD, MS, serves as a physician and advocate for patients at Cornerstone Primary Care in Walnut Creek, California. 

With degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Pirkle has practiced medicine in the Walnut Creek area and John Muir Hospital for 2 decades. He served as chief of medicine at John Muir Medical Center for two terms, where he remains a leader in the medical community.

Dr. Pirkle helps women and men navigate the vast and sometimes overwhelming health care system and can call upon relationships that he maintains with professors of medicine at UCSF, Stanford and even the Mayo Clinic. He finds great joy in practicing internal medicine and uses all his scientific knowledge to help patients achieve optimal health. 

Dr. Pirkle empowers patients to achieve their health goals and believes in using a combination of therapies, including Acupuncture, behavioral health, body work, or Chiropractic, along with Traditional Medicine, to create wellness.

For patients looking for a doctor who is on their side when it comes to better health, contact Dr. Pirkle at Cornerstone Primary Care.

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Dr Pirkle is everything I would want in an internist: exacting, accurate, kind and current. My medical care has been a team sport. Dr Pirkle has lead and formed that team. I have never been disappointed in a specialist Dr Pirkle has recommended. I believe quality medical care all starts and ends with an excellent internist, otherwise there is no cohesion. I highly recommend Dr Ross Pirkle.

-Bill C.

What I love about Dr Pirkle is that he takes the time to understand the problem. I never feel rushed. He is thorough and caring and provides reminders about getting vaccines and other tests with other Specialists. The staff is friendly and responsive and will get you an appt quickly if necessary. So glad I switched to his practice!

-Therese W.

My experience with Dr. Pirkle has been excellent. It was recommended that I see him many years ago. He persisted with testing until the problem was diagnosed and the solutions found. He did some extra work on the treatment of this unusual (at the time) disease and sent lots of info to me to help with the dietary treatment. Since then he has been supportive and available to me in the hospital and the office. I highly recommend him to anyone.

-Ellen P.